DSI Mono Evolver


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It makes the sound of awesome evilness
Tuesday, Dec 17th 4:00PM

Saturday, Dec 14th 9:29AM

seems cool but a little overpriced
Monday, Oct 28th 3:54AM

it will melt your neighbors ears
Thursday, Jun 13th 11:00PM

It has a blue cloak like the Virgine Mary, and red lead eyes, like Satan! WOW!
Wednesday, Jun 12th 5:23PM

it evolves and hardly err
Friday, May 24th 7:55AM

Evolution is a good thing, isn´t it? Add as a poll answer
Friday, May 3rd 3:43PM

i have penis
Monday, Dec 24th 4:29AM

Tuesday, Dec 18th 12:32AM

Just Because
Wednesday, Nov 28th 3:59PM

Is like a big world with little big worlds inside of very little big worlds.
Thursday, Oct 18th 9:51PM

A very varied instrument!
Friday, Oct 12th 10:49AM

It´s a nice car.
Monday, Oct 1st 9:29PM

Sunday, Sep 23rd 8:41PM

i love you
Thursday, Sep 13th 1:26PM

i like big asses more
Tuesday, Aug 14th 5:44PM

I fucked what other used. It's overpriced
Tuesday, Aug 14th 4:13PM

dog si natas
Tuesday, Jul 10th 3:58PM


It´s good to make some Milli Vanilli chords or progressions.
Wednesday, Jun 27th 9:51PM

Sunday, Jun 24th 11:36PM

of shit like this people like me will not get retired pension
Sunday, Jun 3rd 7:04PM

it makes me nob reet ard
Monday, May 14th 11:51AM

nasty and nice, evil and good, warm and ice cold... fucked-up in a good way
Friday, Apr 27th 2:55AM

i really like it
Saturday, Apr 21st 1:51PM

it scares the religious neighbors
Friday, Apr 20th 6:03PM

Will you quit with these fucking crap polls and play the damned thing for us!!!!
Tuesday, Apr 17th 1:46PM

what's a synthesausager?
Tuesday, Apr 10th 8:47PM

i cant afford it.
Friday, Apr 6th 9:29PM

boogie boogie shitfuck ding dong Barry
Monday, Apr 2nd 11:03AM

One word: character
Saturday, Feb 18th 1:24AM


30 oranges please
Friday, Feb 10th 11:52AM

make my penis stiff
Wednesday, Feb 8th 3:24PM

because it is DSI...
Friday, Jan 27th 5:30AM

I hate it, it should be eight voice polyphonic minimum! (otherwise nice)
Thursday, Jan 26th 2:49PM

run to the light.......
Tuesday, Jan 10th 11:02AM

it was made with love
Friday, Jan 6th 5:55PM

nispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispe niagaro
Thursday, Jan 5th 11:39AM


It makes noises angrier than a Trabbi with its engine in backwards.
Sunday, Dec 11th 7:10PM


jakim cudem Ty zawsze masz taką czystą wykładzinę?
Sunday, Dec 11th 10:30AM


Turtle power.
Saturday, Dec 10th 10:58PM


it is great for mangling sounds
Thursday, Dec 8th 5:27PM


my pain is big
Monday, Dec 5th 10:56AM


I got the desktop. it could sound sick and nice. I'm looking for the poly now.
Sunday, Nov 27th 11:38AM


i can piss in my pens but it still sounds thru the DSI filters
Monday, Nov 14th 9:31PM


its a good reason to start bitching bout global crisis
Saturday, Nov 5th 5:23PM

fuck MEK get a nord g2
Thursday, Nov 3rd 10:04PM

This long waiting is underrating my nation's deb!!!!t
Monday, Oct 31st 10:19AM

trent reznor threw it off a stand once. don't do that though.
Friday, Oct 28th 1:29PM

kiedy te demo do wuja Pana?
Wednesday, Oct 26th 12:33AM

I don't know if I like it, that's why I came here, genius!
Saturday, Oct 15th 7:33PM

It sounds good
Wednesday, Oct 12th 3:17PM

Space Chicken
Tuesday, Oct 11th 5:58PM

It smells nice in a fire.
Sunday, Oct 9th 3:45AM

analog+knobs, knobs and more knobs ... where are they nowadays?
Thursday, Oct 6th 3:03PM

it's a synth
Thursday, Oct 6th 8:09AM

It's fun for me to play and I like the sounds I can get out of it.
Wednesday, Oct 5th 2:23AM

I never turned its encoders to see its values jumping around
Tuesday, Oct 4th 2:35PM

NOT AGAIN!!!! How many more fur ball dogs have to die, before you demo this one!
Tuesday, Oct 4th 3:54AM

Just review the damn thing
Friday, Sep 30th 10:12PM

It has many means of creating distortion...
Friday, Sep 30th 9:07AM

hybrid of analog/digital
Wednesday, Sep 28th 4:27AM

lubię pasztet
Tuesday, Sep 27th 9:49AM

fajny adam go lubi
Monday, Sep 26th 12:00PM

The two V's in eVoLver are different sizes. You see that? YOU SEE THAT?
Monday, Sep 26th 11:35AM

Berlusconi is eating my money
Friday, Sep 23rd 10:47AM

OB-12 strikes this synth like a thunder!
Wednesday, Sep 21st 2:14AM

is there any cake?
Tuesday, Sep 20th 5:12PM

blue leds hurt my eyes.
Sunday, Sep 11th 6:27PM

dropour bath
Friday, Sep 2nd 6:52AM


The wind that blows is no wind at all
Thursday, Sep 1st 12:42AM


The sound. Duh.
Wednesday, Aug 31st 9:35AM


i have sandwich in the stomach
Friday, Aug 26th 11:42PM


sounds wonderful
Wednesday, Aug 24th 3:31PM


it has neverending overdrive
Wednesday, Aug 17th 4:13PM


it sounds weird
Saturday, Aug 6th 5:50AM


I knew you are to weak for Virus! Psiadupo you aren't able to use it!
Thursday, Aug 4th 6:10AM


It sounds good in my opinion and has excellent creative potential. Problem?
Wednesday, Aug 3rd 1:10AM


Because it is DSI!!!
Tuesday, Aug 2nd 3:04AM


the 2 mates Analog
Friday, Jul 29th 4:06AM


tuned feedback
Thursday, Jul 28th 5:04PM


2 analog and 2 digital osc, a mono that can sound like a poly, just original
Wednesday, Jul 27th 6:55PM


Sounds nice, flexible, but crappy build.
Wednesday, Jul 13th 4:58AM


fuck MEK get a modular
Sunday, Jul 10th 9:56PM


Never tried yet
Tuesday, Jun 28th 2:37AM


It seems to have plenty of modulation capabilities and meshes together va/analog
Monday, Jun 27th 1:55AM


Trent has one
Saturday, Jun 18th 5:22PM


Anotger one where you use this excuse not to make the fucking demo!!!!! :(
Friday, Jun 17th 5:02AM


it haz woodz
Friday, Jun 17th 4:14AM


Because it is DSI... :D
Tuesday, Jun 7th 11:31PM


It's the inside that counts!!!
Sunday, Jun 5th 8:10PM


because have keys!!mother fucker!!
Wednesday, May 25th 11:27PM


becuase its unique and a cool synth to have for something other then the norm. i
Tuesday, May 17th 6:25PM


it has an eurythmics patch
Tuesday, May 3rd 8:33AM


modulations out the ass
Monday, May 2nd 1:45AM


digital FXs destroy the sound , weak filter
Wednesday, Apr 20th 10:06PM


plastic is tasty
Wednesday, Apr 20th 12:51PM


great sound
Tuesday, Apr 19th 5:37AM


looks fucking ugly and boring, but sounds ok. pricey though
Saturday, Apr 9th 1:36PM


It's bigger than my penis
Tuesday, Apr 5th 9:53AM


I don't like cats
Monday, Apr 4th 1:55PM


It's a real, old fashioned hardware Synth: I curious!
Sunday, Apr 3rd 2:55AM


don't like monophonic synths
Tuesday, Mar 29th 2:17AM


Friday, Mar 18th 9:35AM


it looks fun to play
Wednesday, Mar 16th 2:38PM


I got my penis stuck in a pringles can
Wednesday, Mar 16th 2:56AM


i love you
Monday, Mar 14th 4:48PM


it is a combination of old sound and modern features
Sunday, Mar 13th 3:29PM


Saturday, Mar 12th 4:51AM


My pet duckbill platypus plays hide and go seek with it.
Friday, Mar 11th 2:26AM


Thursday, Mar 10th 5:06PM


PLEASE!! Stop these damned polls and do the fecking reviews!!!!
Wednesday, Mar 9th 9:02PM


i love you
Tuesday, Mar 8th 2:19AM


Sounds fantastic and quite it's own
Saturday, Mar 5th 4:30PM


sound, it sounds like rave, delirium and underground 70s, berlin and punk.
Thursday, Mar 3rd 10:48AM


Fucking Spanish retarded government is spoiling my money.
Saturday, Feb 26th 9:22PM


owls are not what they seem
Saturday, Feb 26th 9:37AM


Tuesday, Feb 22nd 2:51PM


sonic (the hedgehog)
Saturday, Feb 19th 9:32AM


It looks like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Saturday, Feb 19th 4:37AM


It can produce a wide range of sounds and it has many controls...
Wednesday, Feb 16th 8:18PM


analog digital nastyness!
Wednesday, Feb 16th 1:29AM