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Moog SUB-37  | demo + sounds




(will also work in SUBSEQUENT 37)

quick version:

Please transfer 20 Euro (all sounds from my demos) or 30 Euro (all demo sounds + more = 256 sounds) to this paypal address: [wcologarb at tlen.pl] writing "sub37 sounds" in the title. I will send the sounds to your email after I get notified about your payment.

full explanation:

If you want to get my SUB37 sounds, you have two options:

1. SOUNDS FROM MY DEMOS = 20 $/Euro = I will send you all sounds from both parts of the demo.

They will come together with their variations and/or stages. It means that if I tweak a given sound / sequence in the demo hard, and the end result is very different from the starting sound, you will get two or three or even four sounds for this performance - the original, the middle and the final ones as independent patches. This is just in case you have difficulty recreating the knob tweaks from looking at my hand motions. This option means around 100-120 sounds.

2. FULL BANK = 30 $/Euro = I will send you everything from option one, plus many more sounds that are not in the demo. This will be 256 sounds in total and it will fill up your entire SUB37 memory. But again, remember that some will come in variations, so if we want to count original sounds only, then we're talking about 210 or so patches.

After you decide, please transfer either $/E 20 or $/E 30 to this paypal address: [wcologarb at tlen.pl] writing "sub37 sounds" in the title. Within 24 hours I will send the patches back to your email address (I will see your email in my paypal panel).

As I've mentioned above, the sounds in my demo do not come dry out of the SUB-37, but if you have one, it's probably obvious for you, as the synth has no onboard effects. To improve people's listening experience and add variety (the demo is over 20 minutes long) the majority of sounds in my demo have some simple delay and / or reverb, or stereo expansion going on, but nothing that would recognizably alter the original timbre of the synth (I mean phasers, flangers, distortions, etc.) The sound at 7:30, demo part 1 (belly dance) sounds like it is heavily chorused, but it's not (that's just SUB's feedback); the sound at 5:00, demo part 1 (highway) sounds like it is layered with a kick drum, but that's just heavy amp modulation by the SUB's sawtooth (ramp?) lfo.



I did not like the Sub during the first 2 weeks. It sounded like a dehydrated donkey. But things moved fast forward when I hooked it up to a simple delay / reverb unit and magic started to happen. Well, actually only the half of it. To make it fully magical some dynamic animation was needed. Because after you give water to the donkey and hydrate it, it's standing still and just munching hay. You have to invite the donkey to move from one place to another. Speaking in practical terms, the SUB-37 sound is very "stable". Not moving. Not lively. So the other half of the magic is putting it through some tremolo / rotary stuff. At least that's my approach to connect with this instrument and get inspired. But in most of the cases reverb is enough to give you bliss, and I think the kind of sounds you make on a Moog do not necessarily entail motion as I define it. Pads (=polyphonic synths) need motion and panorama, while monophonic Moogs excel at leads and basses, which are rather dynamically static.

My thoughts about this synth basically boil down to the sequencer. I think it is the centerpiece of this instrument. Without it, the SUB-37 would lose the bigger part of its appeal. I love it and I think I have gained some pretty deep experience with it, so let me warn you right away. I'll put it this way...: the SUB-37 does have a sequencer, but if you are not going to use the Moog software, just forget about its existence. Just assume the sequencer is not there. Because only through the software will you be able to utilize this feature. And I don't mean that you will be able to utilize the sequencer to its full potential. I mean even the basic features. Without the software control it's just too much pain. Our lives are too short to fiddle around with those buttons, plus, why do it when the software is really brilliant. Apart from the sequencer control, it gives you easy access to some features and modulations that otherwise would stay undiscovered or ignored due to lack of time or negligence. It unveils the true heart and face of the instrument (on the other hand I'm not really sure that having to use software to use hardware is an okay situation...).

Fun fact: the tempo knob does not show the tempo. If I was younger, I'd say LOL WTF? It just shows the position of the knob within its vast resolution. So if the knob has physical resolution of 4000 steps, when you move it halfway, it will show "2000" instead of, say, "120 BPM". Another bug: sometimes the software assignes wrong patch names or overwrites patches with wrong (neighboring) sounds. Pretty annoying.

The unit that I got had been in service under warranty. I don't know what the issue was, but I have my suspicions - when I was using headphones, the sound would die out from time to time and I had to bang the panel near the "headphones  out" socket to make it come back. I googled it and it seemed I was not the only one experiencing that problem.  I mean I was not the only one experiencing the dying signal problem, but I think I was the only one who used the Russian way of fixing things to deal with it: beat it into submission! Living close to that land and soaking up its culture sometimes gives you benefits).

Grumbling aside, all in all I think it's an interesting synth. It's the first Moog that I've probed in-depth so I cannot compare it to other Moog models, but if I was to formulate my opinion about the "Moog sound" on this model only, I'd say it's quite underwhelming. But I'm not sure whether it would be underwhelming on its own, or underwhelming relative to the Moog hype and "legend". Casting away the hype and legend and not taking them into consideration, the sound is original, interesting, classy. I think these three adjectives are enough to give a seal of approval to a synth. Add to that all the goodies like loopable envelopes, paraphony, shortcuts for quick mod-matrix assignments, of which there is A LOT under the hood, and we're good.




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