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Roland JD-XA  | demo + sounds





Please send 20 (Euro) to this paypal address: [wcologarb at tlen.pl] writing "jd-xa sounds" in the title. I will send the sounds to your email after I get notified about your payment. You will receive all the sounds from my video plus extra sounds that are not included in the demos. The whole set of my sounds fills up the JD-XA (256 sounds), although some of the sounds come in variations, so let's say there is around 200 original patches.

I have exported my patches using two options: as a backup file, and as individual files in SMF (*.mid) format. If you want to use the backup file, just copy the whole "ROLAND" folder onto your pendrive and insert the pendrive into your JDXA (read the owner's manual about this procedure, otherwise you risk damaging your instrument).

If you want to use the SMF option, here's how to do it: you load the SMF files into the Roland Librarian software on your computer by using the menu File->Import SMF. Each sound will show up on the Librarian list as "WC OLO GARB". Then you select that sound on that list and send it to the JDXA (you push the "Write->Selected" button). Remember that if my sound was saved in slot P10 in my JD-XA, then you will have to scroll the Librarian list all the way down to "P" to see this "WC OLO GARB" sound. It's quite cumbersome, but it seems that companies have abandoned the more straightforward sysex format for whatever reason. To make it easier to locate my sounds from the demo, they come with the names according to this format: "wcog_jdxa_12_diamondlove_g10" where:
[12] means it is the 12th sound in the youtube demo,
[diamondlove] hints at the visuals used in the demo for that sound,
[g10] is the location in the synth's memory (the location on the Librarian list).

Remember to "set up midi devices" (USB) in your JD-XA before importing the sounds (again, read the owner's manual).

Some of my JD-XA patches may sound strangely different yet the same when played on your JD-XA. That's because of the random LFO phase. When I press a key on the demo, the LFO was, for example, at 0 degrees. But when you press a key on that patch, it may happen that your LFO is at 180 degrees at this specific moment, so the modulation / groove will "flip" upside down.

Thanks, and why so long:

So here it is, a new demo after 6 years of slumber. It's too early to say whether my comeback will change into something stable for years to come and whether creating music will again be my main activity, nevertheless it looks promising and I would like to thank all of you who helped me get to this point by reaching out to me, by words of encouragement, by answering my questions, and most importantly by patiently supporting me via Patreon or Paypal donations. It is a factor that binds the whole thing up and makes it work, simple as that. Because when you give me a bit of your money, you transfer a bit of your energy to me, which I then transfer, or convert, into a synth demo. Otherwise I would have to put that energy into my day job and would have little left for the creative stuff. And it takes a considerable amount of energy for me to make a demo, because I treat it more like a short film (or an EP album). I cannot explore and understand an instrument and then present a visually & musically coherent and entertaining piece in one week or even month. I'm thinking about scaling down the visual / editing element and concentrating more on pure sound design (it would mean demos appearing more frequently), but I'm not sure this is what we all want and enjoy. This format means blood, sweat and tears, but I guess striving for the unattainable perfection is paradoxically one of the joys of life.



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