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Some time in 2018 the man behind the Youtube channel called NoirEtBlancVie started to ask me some questions. He wanted to mention me in his new video series. You can watch the videos on his channel, while on my end two things can be offered.

On January 17th, 2007, I posted my first synth demo. Ever since you've been asking me to release my patches, so I guess more than a decade is enough to finally reward the patient ones (and the impatient too). Many times you insisted on paying, but I never made those sounds with the intent of selling them, so they are not customer-friendly (they differ in size and they are not organized in a way that would make sales easy; that's why I cannot put a traditional price label on them).

My patches come in sysex format (for the more modern synths) and in audio format ("Tape Memory", for the oldest synths). If you don't know what sysex is or how to deal with it, you should investigate the folder named "sysex_software" and download its contents. I've put a small piece of software (exe file) there. Tape Memory means memory stored on an audio tape. In the past, the synth would export its memory as audio signal and the user would record it onto an analog tape. Of course, instead of using a tape deck, one could have used a computer with an "audio in" port, and that's what I did, hence the audio (*.wav) files.


Some of my patches are very recognizable and used in various projects, so if you use my sounds in your music, please mention this ("synth programming / additional synth programming by WC Olo Garb") in the credits.


I'm putting the soundbanks up for free and anybody interested can just download them. However, it would be good if you made a donation for this website, as this helps to pay for the www service/traffic, or just as a way of saying "thanks".

You can just send a transfer to this email address:

or via the button below:





Read the WCOG bio/answers prepared for NoirEtBlancVie's video:

or download synth patches for:

access virus ti
akai ax-80
alesis ion
clavia nord lead 2x
clavia nord lead 3
dsi mek mono evolver
ensoniq esq-1
kawai sx-240
korg ms-2000
korg poly-800
korg polysix
korg prophecy
korg radias
korg z1
novation nova 2
oberheim ob-12
quasimidi sirius
roland jd-800
roland jp-8000
roland jp-8080
roland jx-3p
roland jx-8p
roland juno-60
roland juno-106
roland jupiter 6
tiracon 6v
waldorf blofeld
waldorf q
yamaha an1x
yamaha cs2x
yamaha dx7
yamaha dx27


------------------------------------------Q & A------------------------------------------

1. Why are there so many banks, which should I use? I have browsed all the banks but I cannot find my favorite patch.

Sometimes you'll notice that the patches go in alphabetical / numerical order, for example: junoA1, junoA2, junoA3. Or they show you the day they were recorded/exported from the synth (20100110 means 10th January of 2010). Sound banks for analog synths are likely to differ between one another. So a bank from 2006 may contain completely different sounds than a bank from 2007. However, the majority of modern synth have such large memories, that creating more than one sound bank was not necessary and I kept hundreds of patches in one bank. So when dealing with sysex (with a modern synth), in most cases when you see an orderly list of banks, you can just jump to the last file (or the one with the most recent date), because it should have the largest amount of patches. But there may be exceptions, and an earlier file may have patches that cannot be found in any other. If you really care about finding a specific sound you hear in the demo, make sure to browse everything. Bear in mind some patches may have two or more sounds hidden in them. These hidden sounds are called "scenes" or "layers", according to various manufacturers. Also, you have to remember that many times I just improvised live, so there is no saved patch for that...

2. Some / many of the patches sound like crap, they don't sound jexus-like at all.

Yes, with some patches you may press a key and ask yourself "what the hell is this?" - some of my patches "come to life" and begin to sound like in the demo only after you play a certain melody or play them in certain tempo. Remember that I used various approaches while recording the demos, for example:
- feeding a midi pattern into a synth;
- feeding a midi pattern into a synth and playing on top of it by hand;
- playing only certain notes on the keyboard;
- setting up a multitimbral and splitting various patches into zones on the keyboard;
- setting the patch into motion by using onboard sequencer;
- tweaking live;
- morphing between patches / layers (most often by using the mod wheel)
- using various controllers that are hard to notice by looking, like keyboard pressure;

3. There are missing banks, for example, for the Roland Alpha Juno.

This is all I have. In the ancient past I did not have the habit of saving my patches, so they are lost.


-------------------------------------THE RETURN OF JEXUS?-------------------------------------

Thanks for all the kind words you're sending me. To tell the truth I did not anticipate this kind of reaction to NoirEtBlanc's videos. A lot of folks are emailing me, and after writing the bio I've began to think about it all, learn about myself and see it in a slightly different, or new perspective.

Even though now I'm a happier person than I used to be in my everyday life, I think I still dislike the basic structure of reality. Of course I still like what is good or interesting in the world. All that still inspires me, I guess. One of my friends suggested that even though I do not own any new synths, I should make a mashup of some unused sounds from my previous demos, and I've done just that as a warm-up exercise, and I enjoyed it. So maybe I'm ready for a new pendulum swing. You say I have some talent when it comes to synths. My job is becoming more and more boring and new ways have been devised to make a living (https://www.patreon.com/jexus). I'm okay with sports now and my body no longer ails me. I hate the social media and clickology, but my girlfriend says she is ok with keeping up with the fast changes of our "information society" and could take care of all the facebooks and all that crap that I allegedly need. So I said to myself: why the hell not. I'll check out some new synths and try to make a couple of videos. I'll take it easy and see where it takes me, maybe we can all have some fun. But I've been inactive during the last 6 years (I have nothing left, I sold everything to take care of my rabbit farm;P) so it's going to take some time.



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